About Edina Education Fund

What is the Edina Education Fund?
The Edina Education Fund is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the continued academic excellence of the Edina Public Schools.

The Ed Fund secures private, supplemental funding to support valuable education experiences and innovative projects in the Edina Public Schools. Funds raised augment school system revenues that are provided by taxes, state aid, and other parent and student led fundraising efforts.

When was it started?
The Edina Education Fund was formed in 1995 by a group of parents to advocate for computers in Edina elementary classrooms. This led to the establishment of the Fund for Innovation Technology; now known as the Edina Education Fund.

Why is the Edina Education Fund necessary?
The Edina Education Fund is necessary to help ensure the caliber of educational programs we have come to expect of the Edina Public Schools. Your support means greater academic opportunities for all students, today and into the future.

We are fortunate to be part of the Edina community that has a strong, valued and well-respected school system. However, to protect and enhance the value of our homes and property and the quality of life we enjoy, we must further invest in our public school system.

Do other school districts have foundations?
Yes, school districts across the country have similar education foundations, including more than 35 in Minnesota.

What is the difference between the Edina Education Fund and the Edina Community Foundation?
The Edina Education Fund supports programs within the schools that build on the continued excellence of our public schools. The Edina Community Foundation supports community organizations and projects.