board picture.jpgFirst Row: Eleni Glerum, Jannie Thompson, Regina Neville, Liz Sherod, Matthew Fox, Brent Johnson. Second Row: Stephanie Francis-Jones, Emma Marshall-Cerqueira, Kathryn Koessel, Heather Edelson, Sue Carlson, Kate Bjerke, Heather English. Third Row: Nicole Danielsen, Kathy Rendleman, Karen Contag, Joyce Zhao, Christian Ramirez, Nicki Williams, Sarah Roddis, John Schultz. Fourth Row: Ankita Deka, Anushka Thorat, Mark Murray, Ian Alexander, Lily Randall, Pete Stidman, Dan Arom.  Not Pictured: Beth Dahlien, Sarah Franssen, Afira Hasan, Sheila Shane, Cathy Williams, Mary Woitte.

2018-2019 Board of Directors

The Edina Education Fund Board consists of parents, students, school district personnel and the Edina Education Fund staff.

Board Co-Chairs Members EPS Representatives
Regina Neville Dan Arom John Schultz, Superintendent
Liz Sherod Kate Bjerke Mary Woitte, Communications
  Emma Marshall-Cerqueira Matthew Fox, School Board
Treasurer Beth Dahlien  
Jannie Thompson Nicole Danielsen Ed Fund Staff
  Ankita Deka Sue Carlson, Finance and Development
Treasurer-Elect Heather Edelson Kathy Rendleman, Executive Director  
Open Heather English  
  Sarah Franssen Student Board Members 
Secretary Eleni Glerum  Ian Alexander
Karen Contag Afira Hasan Christian Ramirez 
  Brent Johnson Lily Randall 
Committee Chairs Kathryn Koessel  Pete Stidman 
Stephanie Francis-Jones - Events Mark Murray Anushka Thorat 
Karen Contag - Programming/ Grants   Sarah Roddis Joyce Zhao 
Sheila Shane - Marketing Cathy Williams  
  Nicki Williams  


The Edina Education Fund board has a number of Teams that provide opportunities for hands-on involvement.

Programs Team: The Programs Team collaborates with the District Superintendent and Director of Teaching and Learning to identify and explore new program opportunities that could be made possible with a grant from the Edina Education Fund. Team members also act as liaisons to funded programs, assisting Ed Fund staff with follow-up and support of grantees and the implementation of funded programs.

Grants Team: The Grants Team helps determine the annual funding focus for the Edina Education Fund Innovation Grants Program, reviews and approves grant applications, presents grant awards, and assists Edina Education Fund staff with follow-up and support of grantees in the implementation of funded programs.

Events Team: The Events Team assists with the production of the Edina Education Fund’s fundraising events, which currently include the Show and Tell Luncheon and Golf and Tennis Classic. Team members assist Edina Education Fund staff with planning all aspects of the events, donation and sponsorship solicitation, and post-event activities. 

Edina Education Fund Student Board Representative

Description: For current Edina High School Sophomores. Responsible for working with Edina Education Fund (EEF) Staff and Board to promote our work within the Edina Public Schools and our community. Must be a strong advocate for the EEF including encouraging students and their families to attend events. Students will be responsible for attending EEF Board meetings held every two months as well as fundraising events. The students will be involved with walking in the Homecoming parade, in addition to helping with all events and any other duties as seen necessary by the Executive Director and the board.

 2018 Student Board Representative Application